Proposal to create a dedicated StackExchange community for concrete5

There is a current proposal to create a dedicated StackExchange community for concrete5. It needs followers and questions to be accepted. This has the potential to be an asset to the greater concrete5 community and provide an invaluable resource to developers.

For information on how this will compliment the concrete5 forums, there is a discussion here:

A few snippets:

StackOverflow is for when:

  1. You have tried to fix the problem yourself
  2. You have clear code that shows what you are trying to do and what you expect should happen
  3. The answer you get will be a short code snippet or a few paragraphs with deeper knowledge about core functionality

concrete5 forums are for when:

  1. You have no code to show
  2. You have an open ended question that requires back and forth to answer
  3. You have a question about or concrete5 the community
  4. If you're given code you won't necessarily know what to do with it
  5. You want help implementing the answer"

Here is a link that can be used to follow and write questions:


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